Software Integration

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to duplicate your efforts across multiple platforms?  Even better, it would be great if those applications would talk to each other!  Good news!  Infor CRM is highly equipped to be integrated with your existing systems.  While that “plug-n-play” feature may only be available with other Infor products, we have worked with integration into many other ERP and data collection platforms.  This will help to ensure that your CRM becomes a part of the solution, rather than just another tool.


Chief among these integration tools is XBar, a configurable plugin originally designed for Outlook.  Now, in addition to Outlook, Infor has enabled XBar to also be integrated with GMail!  This is just one of the integration tools we have at our disposal.  XBar will eliminate the need to enter contacts in CRM and Outlook (or GMail) separately.  It will also enable the management of your CRM activities, opportunities, and leads without having to leave Outlook!

While XBar is only one of many integration tools we have at our disposal, we have several more at our disposal.  Contact us to see how we can ease your transition to a more effective data management environment.