Flexible Implementation

It would be an awesome feature to be able to simply install your software product, then use it.  Unfortunately, we are not aware of any products on the market with that type of simplicity.  Each product you purchase, regardless of whom you have purchased from, will require some form of configuration or personalization.  Effectium will plan the implementation of your CRM Solution in conjunction with your team.  While we will always have recommendations as to how certain products are to be implemented, we also understand that every business is different.  Even within the same industries, it is understood that companies are configured differently, using their data in different ways.

Effectium also understands that different customers will require more or less involvement.  Consequently, we are designed to be as involved as you need us to be.  We are perfectly capable of conducting the implementation from initial configuration to deployment.  However, if you have a team in place to do that for you, we can simply provide a coaching role should any questions or situations arise.  Not only is our involvement flexible to your requirements, our timetable will be conducive to yours as well.  We will take your fault tolerance and daily work schedule into account, so that we may schedule implementation for minimal disruption.