CRM Strategy & Consulting

CRM Strategy Consulting

Gartner defines Customer Relationship Management or CRM as “a business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction.”  Because we are committed to delivering effective CRM consulting, Effectium collaborates with its clients to help them plan for and achieve high performance with the CRM product that works best for your business.

A CRM strategy should be designed with the client at the center of the decisions. We start by:

  • Understanding our client’s unique business goals and challenges
  • Defining our client’s customer service level objectives while achieving their business goals
  • Reviewing their gaps in performance and technology

An organization is affected by CRM in three areas and each must be a part of the overall CRM Strategy:

  1. Operational CRM – tactical tools for employees
  2. Analytical CRM – strategic tools for management
  3. Collaborative CRM – communication tools for customers and employees interactions

If you have an organization where you would have more than five system users, check out Infor CRM to see if it looks like it might be a good fit.  If it seems like that is the case, we would be more than willing to set up a demonstration for you!