Design and Development

CRM Design & Development

Our starting point for CRM Design & Development is to solve problems, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency. Below are types of questions that have created some of our best successes.

Ask yourself if any of them are currently troubling your organization:

  • Does your marketing group have a good way to segment your leads, prospects, and customers into groups for effective target marketing?
  • Do you know where your best leads are coming from and how much each lead source costs your organization?
  • What sales, marketing, or customer service processes involve multiple work flow steps that could be streamlined and automated?
  • What takes your salespeople the most time and prevents them from being in front of prospective customers?

At Effectium, LLC, successful CRM Design and Automation means favorable ROI with Infor CRM or Act!.  We can customize either product to make sure that it has maximum impact to your bottom line.