Inaport for Infor CRM

InaPlex CRM Integration


InaPlex has met rigorous strategic, technology and integration criteria.  While providing extensive power for data transformation and matching, Inaport also seeks to make integration between back office systems and Infor CRM as straightforward as possible, with extensive business logic implementing a deep understanding of the requirements of the Infor CRM database.

Data Migration

Inaport has been used for many migration projects from legacy CRM systems to Infor CRM, and for upgrading old Infor CRM systems to new. Standard maps are available free of charge for systems such as ACT!, GoldMine or Salesforce to Infor CRM.

  • Move all major entities such as Account, Contacts, History, Activities, Opportunities and Email
  • Re-assign record ownership on the fly
  • Populate picklists from source data

InaPlex complements the standard maps with deep expertise and professional services. We are able to assist in simple or complex migration projects, ensuring that all your data is moved accurately and cost effectively. More

Data Integration

Integrate your on-premise or hosted Infor CRM system with other enterprise sources.

  • Automatically handle web databases, marketing campaigns, telemarketing
  • Populate and update Accounts with ERP data such as order history, products
  • Synchronize CRM data with other applications


When importing data into a CRM system, it is vital to ensure that the correct records are updated and that duplicates are not created.

Inaport provides an array of sophisticated techniques for matching accounts, contacts and any other data in the CRM system. Different methods can be used in the same job for different types of records, allowing you to handle complex requirements an optimise performance. More information here.

Data Transformation

Customer data frequently requires reformatting to ensure consistent, accurate and clean information is transferred. Inaport provides an extensive library of functions for data transformation and manipulation; the ability to add new fields to incoming data; and the ability to perform extensive conditional tests on data to allow for action based on data quality.