Swiftpage E-Marketing

Easy to Do. Cost Effective. Proven to Drive Sales. Swiftpage E-Marketing.

Swiftpage E-marketing is an integrated, on-demand service that extends the marketing automation capabilities of your CRM.  This will enable you to quickly and effectively reach out to your contacts, qualify and nurture leads, and grow your customer base.

With Swiftpage E-marketing, you can create and execute impactful e-mail campaigns and view history, interactions, and results—all within your CRM system.  Reports show you metrics such as open and click rates as well as trends over time so you can understand which campaigns deliver the best results. Most importantly, this E-marketing product is powered by Swiftpage. Consequently, your e-mails are sent out through their powerful servers and are governed by their reputable compliance guidelines.  This will increase the likelihood your communications will reach their destination.  E-mail marketing is easy-to-do, cost-effective, and proven to drive sales. Give your business a competitive edge by getting more out of every e-mail campaign with Swiftpage E-marketing.  Call us at (440) 479-1300 for more information, or click on the below logo for an in-depth look at all Swiftpage has to offer, including a FREE 30-day trial!

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