Is Salesfusion Marketing Automation Right for You?

Salesfusion Marketing Automation Software combines several key technologies into a single, integrated platform that is integrated to your sales organization. While many software applications bill themselves as being a “marketing automation” solution, it is important to note that to be a true marketing automation platform, the system must contain at least four key technologies. These are

  1. Integrated email marketing
  2. Lead capture
  3. Lead scoring
  4. Website visitor tracking.

True Marketing Automation platforms are built on the premise of facilitating the flow of leads as they move from messaging to capture to pre-qualification to sales assignment.

Many companies today leverage disconnected point solutions to accomplish their marketing needs – usually utilizing email marketing tools. Consequently, the competitive landscape and the buying process in business has changed dramatically.  Companies are quickly learning that to remain competitive, they must leverage the web and all of the associated channels to ensure they are in a position to capture market share. The adoption of marketing automation platforms is increasing dramatically because smart marketers realize the value of having a single database from which to manage campaigns and capture and analyze lead data. Mastering marketing automation software means a commitment from your marketing team to train and learn how all of the channels interact with each other and how the flow of leads must connect to your sales team.

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Salesfusion’s marketing automation product is very user-friendly.  It also provides the ability to be as comprehensive with campaign levels as you would like.  However, if your hesitation is a lack of creativity, we can help with that as well.  We will put our professional network to work for you in whatever capacity you may need.

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