InforCRM, a Fully Integrated, User-Friendly CRM Solution


InforCRM, formerly Saleslogix, is an award-winning customer relationship management solution.  Why?  First of all, it is because it provides a complete view of customer interactions.  Consequently, your business can collaborate and respond in a prompt and knowledgeable manner to customer inquiries, sales opportunities, and service requests. InforCRM includes a robust suite of sales, marketing, and service capabilities.  This offers businesses of all sizes a fast, flexible, and affordable solution for finding, winning, and growing profitable customer relationships.

Why Infor?

Infor has combined InforCRM with its core technologies, and embedded ERP integration, so it delivers a cost-effective, purpose-built, scalable, enterprise class solution. Infor’s design of this customer relationship management solution mirrors the design of all of Infor’s product library. If you know anything about Infor, they have a huge library!  As a result, this represents an opportunity for Infor customers to embrace a world-class customer relationship management solution from their trusted ERP solution provider.  We expect it to meet or exceed our customer expectations for total cost-of-ownership and return on investment.  Hence, we expect unparalleled user satisfaction as well.

Furthermore, some of the more recent features will enable seamless integration between your email systems and InforCRM.  Therefore, users won’t have to duplicate efforts when inputting their sales activity or customer interaction.  Most of all, they will not have to manually transfer appointments and tasks between your customer relationship management and email solutions.  It will all be automatic.  What are you waiting for?

This statement of direction is intended to provide an overview of InforCRM, our strategic product direction, and our priorities for developing functional enhancements. In addition, this information is intended to assist customers in their selection of Infor products while planning strategically for their internal systems’ development.

Finally, feel free to check out some added features that are available with base InforCRM.  Click on the logo to find out more, or fill out the form below to schedule a demonstration.


Infor CRM Demonstration Request

We would love the opportunity to guide you through some of the capabilities of Infor CRM. Go ahead and fill out this form and let us know when the best time would be for us to either come and show you the product in person, or simply set up a remote demonstration.
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