Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is CRM?

First of all, relationships are a vital part of any business dynamic.  These could be the relationships you hold with your clients, or the relationships you have with your shareholders and suppliers.  All of those relationships have unique characteristics that make them work.  Consequently, Managing those details, and how some of those relationships interact can be a challenge.  Many companies rely on multiple programs and systems which are “glued” together.  There is a better way to manage these relationships.  This is probably where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes especially relevant.  Where you need assistance in managing the aspects of those relationships in all their similarities and differences.

Which CRM is right for my business?

Customer Relationship Management Software is a great product for every business.  However, not every product is a good fit for every business.  We feel that one of the largest advantages of Infor CRM is Infor’s ability to pre-customize your solution based on your industry.  We are also of the belief that your solution should not be a burden on your operation  (Click here to determine the benefit CRM could have for your organization).  Effectium has been operating in this space since the first mainstream CRM product was developed.  Our network provides us with the flexibility to dabble in other products that may be a better fit.  This is especially true for some of you with smaller organizations.

As you have read, Effectium, LLC is no stranger to CRM.  Give us a call today, or click on one of the products below, to find out how we can get your Customer Relationship Management systems running efficiently: