Infor CRM Advanced Analytics

Advantages of Advanced Analytics

Infor CRM provides advanced analytics solutions for customer-focused employees, business analysts, managers, and executives.  These positions can span many roles within an organization.  For the casual user that requires status updates or simple lists, Infor CRM provides standard reporting, groups, filters, and basic dashboards.  For users that need to explore, discover trends, and identify root causes, Infor CRM provides interactive reports and dashboards.  Infor CRM provides advanced analytics for all users.  That way, customers can be better served, decisions can be made more effectively, and performance will improve.

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics, using TIBCO Spotfire, is the most sophisticated analytics tool offered for Infor CRM.  TIBCO Spotfire is an enterprise-class business intelligence platform that is easy to use, affordable, and scalable.  Not only that, but the choice of visual displays are attractive, as well as plentiful.  TIBCO Spotfire allows ERP and other data, outside of the Infor CRM database, to be pulled in for CRM analysis.  With Advanced Analytics it is finally possible to:

  • Put business intelligence into the hands of all customer-focused employees
  • Analyze data from any source to create great CRM analysis
  • Leverage big data for important decisions

Can Spotfire be stand-alone?

We are an Infor CRM channel partner.  This is why we put Infor CRM at the forefront of our mentions when speaking of TIBCO Spotfire.  However, if all you need is an advanced analytics tool, and TIBCO Spotfire looks like a good fit for you, we can discuss how best to put Spotfire to work for you.

If you are interested in an advanced analytics tool, and feel it would be beneficial to your business, please give us a call at (440) 479-1300 so we can evaluate its benefit with you.  Even if you are not sure that TIBCO Spotfire is the right tool for you, we will work with you to evaluate that decision.  We will also keep you updated on significant developments along the way.


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