Infor CRM Synchronization Automation Issue

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in CRM Software, Troubleshooting

Good morning!

One of the great features of Infor CRM is the ability, not only to deploy to an on-premises system, but to deploy within your own private network.  The main piece that makes sure that all the information within that network stays current is Synchronization Automation.  This enables a “set it, and forget it” system that lets the administration let the synchronization run on a specified schedule.  Awesome feature!

We have several clients who utilize this capability to a great data management advantage.  However, that doesn’t prevent some issues from occurring.  We recently had an issue with one of our client’s remote offices.  A random error kept kicking the Automated Sync job “off of the tracks.”  With no apparent resolution, we worked with Infor CRM to implement the following workaround:

  1. Open your Notepad application
  2. Enter the following script:  start /D”C:\Program Files (x86)\Saleslogix” /B /HIGH SyncClient.exe /b”Saleslogix” /c /r /a /x
  3. Save the file as a .cmd document
  4. Open the Windows Task Scheduler
  5. In the right task bar, under “Task Scheduler Library”, select “Create Task…”
  6. On the General tab
    1. Enter a name and description (if so desired)
    2. Select “Run whether user is logged on or not”
    3. Select “Configure for:” the appropriate server configuration
  7. On the Triggers tab
    1. Select “New…”
    2. Specify the intervals to run the synchronization job.
    3. Select “Enabled”
  8. On the Actions tab
    1. Select “New…”
    2. Select “Start a program” in the “Action…” field
    3. Select “Browse…” in the “Program/Script” field
    4. Browse to the location of your .cmd document and select it.
    5. Click on “OK”
  9. On the Conditions tab
    1. Select any necessary conditions.
  10. On the Settings tab
    1. Select appropriate settings.
  11. Select “OK”
  12. In the right taskbar, under “Selected Item” (make sure your task is selected), select “Run”.

That should do it!  However…

While we didn’t have a random error kicking the service offline, we would have issues with multiple instances of the SyncClient.exe application being run under the same user.  Sometimes to the point of “too many to count”.  We implemented the following script to proceed the above .cmd document to make sure the SyncClient.exe application was not running, and, if it was, to kill it.  Then the synchronization job will run as scheduled.  This has worked thus far, and we’ll keep you updated.  The script and implementation is as follows:

  1. Open the Notepad application
  2. Enter script as follows (no numbers):
    1. @echo off
    2. tasklist /fi “imagename eq SyncClient.exe” |find “:” > nul
    3. if errorlevel 1 taskkill /f /im “SyncClient.exe”
    4. exit
  3. Save this as a .bat document
  4. In the Windows Task Scheduler, select your Synchronization Task and click on “Disable”
  5. Right click on the task, and select “Properties”
  6. Under the “Actions” tab, select “New…”
    1. Select “New…”
    2. Select “Start a program” in the “Action…” field
    3. Select “Browse…” in the “Program/Script” field
    4. Browse to the location of your .bat document and select it.
    5. Click on “OK”
    6. Using the arrows on the right side of the window, move the .bat file to the top.
  7. Select “OK”
  8. Select “Enable”

That should definitely do it!

If you’re having issues with Infor CRM synchronization, give us a call!  We’d be more than happy to help!

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