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Posted by on Aug 25, 2017 in Effectium News

As many of our Facebook Fans and Twitter followers are aware, we are very active members in the Solon Chamber of Commerce.  As I was settling in to our “Meet the Candidates” breakfast, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Sam Friedman of Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company.  CVSS, Co. is a family-owned business local here to the Chagrin Valley.  I guess you could qualify them as a mom-and-pop-shop since “Mom” started it (and is still the boss), and “Son” (Sam) has just about as much responsibility as Mom does within their organization.

One of the advantages that CVSS, Co. has, is that, since becoming official in 2007, they have been able to stay efficient and agile when it comes to making changes to positively affect their business.  Sam was recapping the latest project CVSS has undergone involving the revamping of their website.  Because Sam knows business and their organization knows they have to stay ahead of the game, they recognized the need to revamp their website before anyone had a chance to complain.  Sam explained that they have to be proactive in order to be sustainable, and sustainability is one of their core values.

One of the tools that CVSS has in place is a product that tracks their web traffic and what people are doing, how their acting, and where disconnects may lie.  It’s no secret that a website is crucial to your business. However, just because you have a website, doesn’t mean it’s doing you any favors.  In fact, if you’re not paying attention to how, exactly, your website is affecting your business, it could be costing you clients.  While we didn’t discuss numbers, CVSS invested significant time and money into their web project.  They also had the tools in place to know that they 1.) needed to make a change and 2.) could evaluate how that change impacted their organization.

Do you know how your website is impacting your business?  Do you have tools in place that give you that type of feedback?  Are you being reactive or proactive?  More importantly, are you driving more people to your website and nurturing their interests?  These are the types of things we can assist with.  If you have concerns about business growth and need some insight, give us a call…

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